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PathWorking: The Empress / Earth Below: Malachite / Main Show: The Chakras and the Tree

Episode 39 begins the use of the new podcast name!  Welcome to "Between the Earth and Stars."

In the first segment, we return to the PathWorking series on the tarot, which was started for the Kakophonos podcast at www.kakophonos.com.  In the second segment, we take a look at malachite in the Earth Below segment (which was formerly the Terra segment.)

Then in the main segment I walk through a comparison between the seven major chakras and the placement of the spheres of the Qabalistic Tree of Life in the body.  This (finally!) completes the three-part series I started back in episode 35 and continued in episode 37.

During the break, we hear a song from the Greenfield Community Chorus, of which I am a member!  This was a live recording from our first public performance, and features the song "A Winter Charm."  We also end the show with another song from that performance, called "We Are the Water."  If you are in western MA and are interested in participating, you can find the director, Crystalline Ruby Muse, at http://www.myspace.com/crystallinerubymuse or email her at crystallineruby@yahoo.com.

There were also several announcements at the beginning of the show.  First, you can find the new promo for this show in the podcast feed at sphinx.libsyn.com, or by using this direct link:


Second, you can find a brand new (and rather long) interview with me on Episode 24 of The Infinite and the Beyond, which is due out any minute now. :)  Find it at www.infinite-beyond.com.

Third, the Pagan fiction anthology from Misanthrope Press, titled Etched Offerings, is now available!  Find it at


Last but not least, please let me know your preferences for podcast length versus frequency.  (And yes, you can send me a graph if you really, really want to.)  Email me at oraia@earthandstars.org.

Bright and dark blessings,
-- Oraia Helene --


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